Alan Priestley BSc (Hons) Psychology

Chris's story - Living a life I love...

I have suffered from chronic pain for about eight years. Initially I thought it was signs of getting old.


I was working hard, under a lot of pressure, and was continually stressed in my job.  The crunch came in 2008 when I suffered virus after virus and became totally exhausted, so much so that by the end of the year I couldn’t get out of bed to go to work.  I eventually had to give up my job, which, by the way, I loved.  Three months later I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. That was six years ago.


I was put on medication and took strong painkillers daily.  I didn’t really understand the illness.  I was given physiotherapy exercises that have I managed to do every day.  I was advised to pace myself.  I had timers all around the house that I set when starting any sort of task, to prevent myself ‘overdoing it’ and ending up going to bed or falling asleep in the chair.  I couldn’t walk far or drive and depended on my husband taking me everywhere.  I did everything that the medical profession advised and even though I was told there was no cure, I never lost hope that one day I would be well again.


With the support of a loving husband, I managed to turn my life round and found purpose to my life as an artist.  I struggled with the constant pain and fatigue but was determined to continue.  I set myself a goal, which was to become a member of the Guild of Railway Artists.  Three years ago I achieved it.


Last year I kept questioning myself as to the prescribed help and advice I had received from the medical profession.  Did I really need the medication?  The only way I would find out was to wean myself off it.  Two months later I had stopped the medication. It made no difference to the level of pain.  I still took the painkiller, but only as and when I needed it.


I set myself another goal, walking round the garden for ten minutes each day.  At first I could only manage eight circuits and not every day.  Eventually I built it up to eighteen circuits in ten minutes walking most days.  What an achievement for me.  I started to believe in myself, but didn’t know how to progress it.  I felt stuck.


Do I believe in destiny? Yes I do.


In November my husband and I were on holiday and struck up a conversation with a very nice couple at dinner.  As the conversation progressed I spoke about my illness and how it had given me the opportunity to become the artist I had always dreamed of becoming.  They looked at each other and went on to tell me about their son who suffered the same illness for seven years and who was now living a normal life. They went on to tell me how someone had told him about Lightning Process and after completing the training he became well and had remained so for the last fifteen years.  I was almost speechless.  This was what I was looking for. A chance to get my life back.


I was so excited by the prospect of getting well that as soon as I got back home at the beginning of December I started finding as much information as I could about the Lightning Process.  The week before Christmas I phoned Alan and started asking all sorts of questions.  He was so helpful.  He explained as much as he could about the process, that it was a training course and it would be held over three days.  He wasn’t pushy, just enthusiastic.  I gave myself time to think about it over Christmas and the New Year, but I knew that this was my opportunity to get back to a normal life.


I phoned Alan in the New Year and arranged to do the Lightning Process.  He came to my home and with my husband as a spectator, I was taught the process that has given me back my life.  Alan is really committed to teaching how to put the LP into practice in your life and gives you lots of practical tips to help.  He is sincere in his approach to helping people recover their lives.  His support after the training has been brilliant.


I am now on day 52 of the Lightning Process. I have been on the computer for over an hour typing my story without any signs of pain. Two months ago it would have been unheard of.  


So far my list of ‘positives’ achieved since the Lightning Process are:


  • Finished a painting.

  • A two mile walk every week since day two of the process, without feeling sick and nauseous.

  • Visited Hadrian’s wall and stood on top of it.

  • Taken only six paracetamols.

  • Been shopping at a retail park, at the supermarket and have bought some new clothes.

  • Made new curtains and bedding.

  • Decorated the bathroom.


Yesterday I drove the car to B&Q, City Electrical Factors, Screwfix and then home in search of a replacement extractor fan for the newly decorated bathroom, with my husband in the passenger seat.


How normal is my life now? On a scale of 1-100 I would say I’m 80% there and feeling fantastic.  This time next year I’m confident it will be 100% and loving every minute of it.



A little help from Tarzan!

What a fantastic journey I have just been on with Alan Priestley.


One year ago I felt the weight of the world on my shoulders, I felt like I was walking through glue and would have been happy to curl up in a ball and give up. My energy levels were rock bottom after losing my mum after years of ill health, and I split up with my partner.  I was left alone, as a single parent with what felt like insurmountable worries.


I went to my G.P., he said after many tests that I may have M.E.  A friend told me about something called The Lightning Process which may help.  I googled it and got in touch with Alan Priestley, a Lightning Process practitioner.  This is where the journey began.

Alan worked with me and taught me the Process.  Even through those first three days of training I felt the glue becoming less stuck.  With a little help from Tarzan, a Golden Eagle and a beach in Thailand, my thought process began to believe in a better future.  Alan had a powerful, positive approach, taking it step by step and steering my thought process in the right direction. Throughout the year Alan has kept mentoring me through long standing negative thinking and new hurdles.  He encouraged me to do new and exciting experiences.


As the months went by the mental effect began to show physically, my energy levels rose, I was able to handle hurdles calmly, the mountains became mole hills.  I started to love life again; I was excited to do things again.  Friends and family commented on the positive change in me.


A year on from the start of the Lightning Process I have just returned from a backpacking trip around Thailand with my teenage daughter.  We canoed, snorkelled, and elephant trekked and had the most amazing experience.


Back at home I have joined the gym; I go sailing regularly, and am full of enthusiasm in my full time job that a year ago I was contemplating giving up because I didn’t have enough energy.


I am a powerful genius, thanks to Alan with his positive approach to training.  I know I have many exciting experiences ahead of me and can’t wait to get started.


Thanks Alan.



Amazing results!

After a long period of poor health my wife was diagnosed with CFS/ME.  She went from a being a happy and healthy wife, mother of 3 young children with a full time job to an unrecognisable person in constant pain.  She lost her job after 23 years employment.  She basically ended up in bed or on the sofa almost every day.  She was taking a number of tablets from antidepressants to painkillers, none of which seemed to make much difference.


After 18 months I was told about the Lightning Process by a colleague.  We did some research, read the book, then booked a course at our home with Alan.  Alan was fantastic, very easy to get on with.  The course was very well presented and easy to follow and understand.


Since the course my wife has consistently used the Lightning Process.  The results have been absolutely amazing!!  Within a short period of time my wife came off all the painkillers, the pain she was in started to subside.  A couple of months later she cut down her antidepressants and then came off them completely.  This was all her own decision.  Slowly but surely her mental strength grew using the Lightning Process, her pain levels dropped, her memory improved.


Alan has continued to support her with phone calls throughout this time.  It has now been 14 months since the course and my wife is almost back to her normal self.  At the time we never thought this would be possible.  On a personal level I use the Lightning Process as well when I need to, to great effect.


We cannot thank Alan enough.



Sceptic to Sorted!

After five months off work due to debilitating fatigue plus numerous hospital visits, I was eventually diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Myalgic Encephalomyelitis. Prior to this I was a hard-working, young professional.  I had been completed  an engineering graduate scheme, I was setting up a start-up company and was involved with various sports and music groups. When the diagnosis was given, it was particularly difficult to take as I didn’t know whether or not I’d ever be able to do the things I enjoyed so much.

I had heard of the Lightning Process (LP) through university and family friends. They recommended that I try LP, but  I was very sceptical of it - thinking it was some pseudo-spiritual, new-age scam that I shouldn’t touch with a bargepole. Additionally, as someone with a Christian faith, I felt very strongly that I didn’t want to get involved with any kind of hypnosis or allow anyone else to access or control my thinking. Thankfully, after a few phone calls and a meet up with Alan I began to have greater confidence in the validity of LP.  I also read Alan’s book on the subject (‘Hypnotherapy, NLP and the Lightning Process for Christians’), and I learned a lot more about the techniques and began to feel more and more confident that, not only was LP a set of logical, physiological methods, it was empirically backed-up and constituted a simple set of techniques that I could do on my own. I also found that it actually aligned closely with my understanding of Christian teaching from scripture. At this point I signed up and got myself on Alan’s LP seminar within a week.

The seminar was fun, interesting, engaging and most importantly, it yielded significant results immediately. After the first session, I was able to go out for a jog which would have been unthinkable just a day before the seminar, due to the state of my energy levels. With Alan’s excellent use of analogies and stories, I was able to learn each of the techniques, understand why they were effective and successfully reproduce them myself. Slowly but surely, I was able to return to work within a month of the course. Through follow up phone calls, Alan has also been able to help me with any specific questions I have had and helped me prepare for key milestones in my recovery such as getting back to work, getting back to fulltime hours and generally equipping me to handle whatever life brings. Since completing the LP I have had the energy and mental well-being to:

-move house

-move to full-time work on my start-up company

-play again with my band

-get back to regular sport

-get engaged and plan a wedding!


I cannot thank Alan enough. I’m so thankful for his input and I’m blown away by his commitment to helping others get back to their best. Not only is Alan an excellent LP practitioner, he’s such a great guy and I’d recommend anyone meet him even if they didn’t need the LP!


Thanks again Alan!