Alan Priestley BSc (Hons) Psychology

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Are you feeling stuck in some area of your life?  


The Lightning Process is a life-changing 3-day workshop that shows you how to recognise and change your 'gut reactions', the mind/body connections that affect your life and health.


You'll learn how to deal with life circumstances that can disturb your peace, and make positive changes to help transform your future.


What is the Lightning Process?


Is it for me?

Perhaps you’ve heard about the Lightning Process from a friend,  or come across it in a magazine or on the internet.   Maybe you've already tried numerous mainstream and alternative programs, without feeling you've had the breakthrough you need.  


Whatever  your starting point, you're probably wondering what to make of the LP, and asking 'Is it for me?'


There are course information and technical details downloads on the 'IS IT RIGHT FOR ME' page of this website.  If you find they ring bells for you, why not call me or e-mail?   I am more than happy to spend some time explaining the process further and helping you decide if it’s for you. I guarantee that there will be no pressure on you whatsoever.  


I'd just like the opportunity to share something with you  which has given many people their lives back when all seemed lost.


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