Alan Priestley BSc (Hons) Psychology

About me

What inspired a 57-year-old management accountant to make a radical U-turn and retrain in a whole new field?


It was all down to one big unanswered question -


What makes us tick?


What makes us the people we are?  Are we born with a psychological make-up that we can't shift, or have we the power to fundamentally change things about us and within us that seem set in stone?


In 2009, these questions and more, led me to begin an Open University Psychology degree, graduating with a 2:1 BSc. in 2014.


The Turning Point  


My turning point came when an OU assignment led me to interview two women, one of whom had suffered with Chronic Fatigue for 28 years, and the other with debilitating anxiety from  early teens to young adulthood.


Both had experienced lasting, positive change through the same training programme - The Lightning Process




As they talked enthusiastically about their experience, it was clear that they'd both seen rapid and dramatic improvement.


One of them was pain-free, energetic, back in work, and enjoying life with her family - the other was calm, confident and self assured.


It seemed almost miraculous.  Could a 3-day course really effect this dramatic change?  I had to find out more.


Taste and see...


A taster day with Lightning Process designer, Phil Parker, left me so impressed that I signed up for the rest of the training course - including training in hypnotherapy and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), and the Lightning Process Practitioner training.


The next eighteen months was an amazing, inspirational period which opened my eyes to a whole new world.


Wonderful stories!


During this time I heard story after story from people  who had  personally experienced dramatic restoration through the Lightning Process training.  


Amazing tales of death's door recoveries and people getting their lives back after decades of misery and frustration - and all straight from the horse's mouth!


I look forward to helping you change your story